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Buttons, Banners and Navigation

bullets_balls_blgr_00402Buttons and banners add creativity to your site, help visitors find their way around and help to advertise your products and services.  In addition they help you to participate in affiliate programs and add creativity to your site. Icons are sometimes used at the beginning of each paragraph, like in this example. 

jetblack02 buttons_square_blue_00102

Buttons range widely in both colours, effects and shapes.  The can be plain rectangles like the ones above or fancy like the ones below with roll over effects.

They also can be oval shapes and very animated like the ones below. Notice what happens when you scroll over the menu with your mouse.

Dragon As you make decisions on the buttons, banners, navigation, and graphics, you need to consider what image you want to create for your site.  Is it business like or more of a fun site?  Who is your audience.  How will the graphics be related to the content?  In other words, the content itself has to be created first.  Once the content is prepared, you can start to make some decisions on what banners, buttons, icons, or navigation you want to use.

Next is the use of logo’s and how they fit in with your site design!

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