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There are a few basics that are on every site you should include, in addition to any other content you want to have. The hints in the banner on this page will help you to develop your site and give you a good way to organize your content. 

Home Page

The home page should be an overview of what services or products your site has to offer. Make your sales pitch here and supply links to the rest of the site and to areas where you want to draw attention to.

About Page

An "About" page is an essential part of a professional web site. Your potential customers want to know exactly who you are.

This would include all of the following:
1. A personal or professional biography
2. A photograph of yourself
3. A complete description of you and/or your company
4. Your web site and/or company objectives
5. Your name, address, phone number and email address

Contact Information

You should let you visitors know where your office/offices are, your address, how you want to be reached and if applicable include driving directions. You might want to list telephone numbers and e-mail address for you and your staff. How many e-mail accounts do you want to have and what names do you want to use.  Some common ones are webmaster, sales, and service.

Privacy Policy

Internet users are becoming more and more concerned with their privacy. However, you can ease their minds by having an area posting what you intend to do with the information you collect.

Security Issues

If you take orders online or store information online, your customers will want to know that the site is secure. You need to look into the security offered by various web hosts and if necessary purchase a 3rd party package to ease your mind and that of your clients.


Display your copyright information at the bottom of each page. It's best to include both the word Copyright and the © symbol, as some countries don't recognize one or the other. Your copyright might look like this:

Copyright © Year Company Name

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