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Web Site Design Considerations

One of the most important things you need to realize is not everyone has the same browser or settings that you have, therefore you need to relinquish some control. What you see isn't necessarily what everyone else will get. Honestly, you don’t have as much as control as you think. How a web site appears to a visitor depends on a variety of things including various different browsers operating systems, screen resolution and individual preferences.

When creating web pages the <font> tag is used to define what the font will be. When web pages are created web designers can only offering a suggestions within the coding itself of what the font should be. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape allow users to set font and colour preferences that may override properties on your page. So please don’t get hung up on fonts, let your web designer make those decisions.

In addition, visitors can increase or decrease the font size, turn off image support or disable technologies such as JavaScript and Java.

Another consideration is screen sizes. How will you design your site for different screen sizes? Different visitors have their fonts set for various sizes. What happens to the design on your site when the visitors changes.

The user experience may be different depending of what systems they are using and the system settings. You have no control over this.

Solutions: There are a few solutions to this but only your webmaster knows for sure....

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Other Web Browsers

Just in case you decide to stray away from your usual browser, you can download some others.

For more information, you can visit the following links:

Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator




Or use:




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