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Where is the best place to store my web pages?

The short answer here is it depends on the technology you need, the uptime you require and how much money you want to spend.

The cheapest are static web pages with banner ads. The web server does nothing but deliver a page as you request it. Banner ads are put on your web site to advertise items the server wants to sell. NotWeb Server very professional but certainly a very cheap way to go.

The next would be having your own domain without the banner ads and just use static pages for your site. The server does nothing but deliver up a static page on your site. Any requests go though your email.

Dynamic web pages are more expensive due to the requirements on the server. The web host you choose has to have the server technology to support dynamic scripts or databases. The server has to make decisions based on your input and then return a response.  Or you may want to sell your items on line and then the big concern is security. You want your customers to feel good about giving you their credit card information online.

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