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Buttons and banners add creativity to your site, help your visitors find their way around help to advertise your products and services, help you to participate in affiliate programs and add creativity to your site. But be aware of so called “freebies”.  Make sure they are free.  Please refer to the backgrounds page on this Virtual Web Design - Graphicsweb site, that shows you what to look for. 

If you find a site for graphics, please read the terms of use, as some are free for personal and business use and some are just for personal use.  Some of the higher quality graphics can be purchased.   Yet again, others want you to at least give them credit somewhere on your site.



The best idea is to use graphics of your own that display your products or you can do a search to try and find some freebie images.


Also, beware of creating a web site with too many graphics as they add to the bandwidth.  Even people with high speed sometimes have to wait to download a page.

If you have pictures of the products or services you sell, a thumbnail gallery is the best choice. 

The next step is to decide what buttons and navigation you want to use!


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