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For those of you new to the web world, a web page is actually a  file located somewhere on a remote computer. When you call up a web site by typing in the URL, your internet browser performs all the work of contacting the remote computer and delivering the page. If for some reason the page is not available, you will get the dreaded "page cannot be displayed" error. Sometimes you may get a busy error meaning the site is just ovGlobeerloaded with traffic and you should try again at another time. Other reasons for the "page cannot be displayed" error is either the web server is having technical difficulties, or the server is down, or the owner decided to remove the web page.

There are many web hosts to choose. Just do a search for web hosting and pages will pop up with prices starting at free and working its way up from there.

Some are free, some are free with banners, some allow you to have a sub domain which is a part of a larger domain.  You can use sub domains usually free by having your site address something like this:  I am storing one there.  Please feel free to visit it.

Things to consider when choosing hosting:


Your server has to be working for your website to be displayed. If you don't mind an occasional down period then this wouldn't be that big of a consideration otherwise you need one with 99% reliability.

Static Versus Dynamic

When web pages were first developed, content was almost entirely static HTML and text documents. A static document is simply any web page that is saved to disk and passed back to a requesting browser without changes. Currently most web pages are static pages though the balance is certainly shifting.

A dynamic web page is any web page which has content that is changed by a program or script at the time the page is requested. Common examples of trivial dynamic pages are those that display a visitor counter or the current date and time. Online Banking is another example of a dynamic page.  They aren’t just delivering one static page but based on your input, the server is accepting responses from you and making decisions based on your input.  Banks also uses databases of employee information  that are stored on an remote server. 

The links below are links to various web hosts.  Please note in particular, what plans they offer and the technologies that change along with the change in price. 

Canada Web Hosting


As reliability, a professional image and various web technologies become more important for your business, the costs go up.

For more detailed information on web hosting go to

Your next consideration is site promotion!

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