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Web sites are laid out in a number of different ways and they are very dependent on the audience that you want to attract.  Once you have been through the process of planning your content, determining which graphics you want to use as well as buttons and logos, you are ready to prepare your layout. 

Various Ways for Navigationphotos02

  • Links at the right side of a web site
  • Links at the left side of a web site
  • Links at the top for navigation
  • Links at the bottom of the site
  • All of the above

In addition, if the content for a certain page is very long, you may want to add links within the content to go back to the top of a page or you may want additional headings to go to certain sections within that same page. You will also have to decide where you want your pictures.

You can also have flash into’s that load up before you enter a site but they usually take up a little more bandwidth.  Bandwidth is a big consideration that is based entirely on your audience. In cases where you will be selling your products or servcies to people who may still be on dial-up, the pages will load either really slow or not at all. 

Once you have made your decisions, you should be able to storyboard your site. 

If you have taken all of the steps necessary, you should be ready to look into web hosting.


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