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After you go through all of the steps to get a web site up and running, it doesn’t mean that people will visit it.  The “Build it and they will come” strategy does not apply to web sites.

There is a lot of competition out there and you need something to make you stand out from the rest, especially your business name. 

In addition you need to come up with some keywords which are words that visitors do not see on your site but they are coded at the time of development.  What words would you type in to find your business?  Do some searches yourself using keywords you think people would type in to try to find you.  How many results did you get?  There’s your competition.  There are no guarantees that your site will show up at the top unless you are the only one who offer’s that product or service. Having a unique business name really helps.

Suggestions:  Submit your site to as many search engines as possible.  Tell people about your site.  Advertise you web site on your business cards, stationary and signs. The more people that go to your site also has an effect on the ranking.  You can also try to get involved with an affiliate site or link to another web site and get them to link to yours.

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