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Virtual Web Design Services

The services we currently offer are:

Web Design and Creation - We assist you in helping to develop your site from start to finish.

Graphics and logo creation if required.

We create banners, buttons and navigational links

Flash and animations.

Help with domain name registration.

Temporary storage for your web site during the creation process.

Tips for promotion.

Help in getting your site up and running with a web server of your choice.

Periodic updates if required.

Fees are based on the time required to get your site up and running. Sorry but it's impossible for me to give quotes. Web site and graphic creation can be a very time consuming process for you and for me. The best way to keep my prices down is to go through the planning and design links provided on this site. Go and visit other sites you like so you can give me some ideas. Then create your content. Once you are firm on the content you want, the design process can then start.

Items You Need to Provide

  • Web site URL’s that you like so I can have some idea of what design you are thinking of.
  • Links you want
  • Email addresses you want
  • Typed out pages of content using any type of word processor
  • The actual graphic file/files you want to use in their original fomat:  either jpg, jpeg, gif or png.
  • Once you provide the above information we can get started on your web site.


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