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A storyboard is a visual plan for your website. It usually consists of a series of pages that include a rough sketch outlining the content, navigation, and design elements of your website.

Designing Pages

You need to spend some time laying out your pages and the navigation you would like for your site

The layout should be a consistent design for each page generally with the same navigation and same colours on each page so the user knows that they are still in your site.

If you want banners, you need to decide where to put them.  If you are selling something that can be ordered on line, you might want to have a banner or link on each page where visitors can quickly click to get to the order page.

In addition you have to decide where you want your pictures to be.  If you think of a web page as a newsletter where you can have one column or many columns as well as pictures within any of the col
Example Page Setup
umns it will help you to make some decisions. If the product you are selling is very graphic intensive, you can use thumbnails that link to a larger image, which allows the user to pull up the image, only when they desire to, which will help your pages to load faster.                      

Collect the information you want to put on the web site and organize the information into topics and do draft pages for the site.                  

Preparing the Storyboard


Create a table of contents and list the pages you would like on your site. Doing this will help you to decide what your links on each page will be, as well as the order you want the navigation to be in. Your navigation words should be one or two words only. 

Storyboarding Example



Next Step

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